Academic Engagement Program Resources

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

Q: Will the LMC 4701 and 4702 Research Option Courses be available online for students this fall?

A: Yes. All of the LMC 4701 and LMC 4702 are designated as remote for the fall.  If you have any questions, please contact your instructor.   

Q: Will undergraduate students be able to participate in research this fall?

A: Yes, but there are specific protocols that must be followed. Information regarding the Research Operation Status for COVID-19 can be found at

Q: Undergraduate Research

A: Before a faculty member or lab director agrees to host an undergraduate researcher, they will need to assess whether the student’s research requires resources that are only available on campus. If so, they must consider the experience level of the student researcher and develop a detailed plan for the fall semester that accounts for anticipated low researcher density in campus laboratories and guidelines for the use of PPE, social distancing, testing, and contact tracing. Undergraduate researchers must receive Covid-19-specific safety and hygiene training before beginning work.      

Q: How can I conduct research for academic credit or for pay?

A: Undergraduate research experiences whether for pay or for academic credit are determined by the faculty and the schools who are overseeing the research.  

Q: How can I do research if campus closes?

A: You should work with your faculty advisor and/or lab director to determine if your research can be conducted remotely.

Q: Will the Research Ambassadors still hold office hours if we are not on campus? 

A: The Undergraduate Research Ambassadors are hosting office hours virtually. You can sign up at  

Q: Will the UROP office be allowing walk-in appointments with staff?

Our meetings will be conducted in a hybrid model. If proper social distancing protocols cannot be followed, we will meet virtually with students. Please schedule an appointment by emailing Allyson Tant at     


Living Learning Communities (LLC)

Summer Session

Q: Will iGniTe student engagement opportunities still happen in Fall?

A: Yes! iGniTe will offer welcome week opportunities for students to engage, and the iGniTe Advisory Board will continue to meet in Fall 2020.

Q: Will iGniTe 2020 students who completed the program virtually still be able to engage if they are completing a remote fall semester or at one of Georgia Tech’s campuses abroad?

A: Yes! iGniTe will offer ways to virtually engage for students who are not on the Atlanta campus in Fall 2020.

Student Innovation Program

Q: How can I participate in Student Innovation events and activities? 

A: Visit the Student Innovation website for the latest information on all virtual and in-person events at You can also learn more about different opportunities for developing and funding your idea by visiting our website.

Q: How do I get my questions related to Student Innovation and/or the InVenture Prize answered? 

A: Please reach out to Recha Reid at

How can I receive coaching about my idea/startup?  

Q: You can complete our IdeaBuzz form by clicking here.